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by Jonathan Masters



The gavel drops.  With this judgement, another young man is forever branded "guilty."  Whether truly a monster or just a victim of a broken system, he will spend the coming days, weeks, and months undergoing institutional rehabilitation.


Join an altruistic educator as he ventures behind the wall in an endeavor to transform the lives of youth others have simply thrown away.

The Throwaway Kids is a thought-provoking, troubling, yet hopeful commentary on our juvenile justice system from a correctional educator’s point of view.  Jonathan Masters not only captures the essence of the juvenile correctional experience, but gives the reader insight into the nature of adjudicated youth and their struggles to find hope in a world that seems to have left them behind.  

-Dr. Danny Mitchelson, School Psychologist, former Professor Kansas University

Having experience with and appreciation for this population, I was taken with how graceful it read. 

-Dr. Alandra Devall, Educational Psychologist, Professor Benedictine University

Jonathan Masters, vividly and realistically describes a portion of our American educational 'landscape' that few people know details about or are overly concerned with. Students in many juvenile facilities across the country are confronted daily with the challenges Masters chronicles. The staff members described, the working conditions they face, and the lack of funding they deal with are very real in many cases. Hopefully, Master's efforts shed enough light on these issues for the reader, that the reforms necessary will begin. We all must insure that we do not 'throw away' another generation.

     -David Shepard, Educational Consultant: Middle Matters and More

Broadening perspectives.  Challenging beliefs.  Encouraging empathy.

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